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APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Starbucks Coffee Company is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including race, color, age, sex, religion,
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All right it's a time again so now I am going to do Starbucks Starbucks is one of those companies that you see on the rise they're opening new locations all over the world all the time they're also a company that strongly promotes within so sometimes it's really hard to get in on a manager level and sometimes you may just have to move up it's a great part-time job for students for parents or people at home it's just overall just a good part-time job great stock options great health benefits also it's fairly easy it's one of those jobs which kind of scares you know like well how making drinks for people I don't know how to make drinks well it's okay the trainer may not be the best that's one thing I can admit I was a man I was a manager for Starbucks for a couple of years and the training isn't the best especially for new people but you will get it over time and it's also one of my favorite companies so we are all in the Starbucks website just like every website you go to for every retailer the careers will be located at the bottom page so retail careers let's check that out oh cool Oh video I you want to be a partner a partner is basically what the special is with a team the team members are called with Starbucks these are the different positions first does chef managers supervisor assistants or managers this graduate store managers all breast is tend to start any depending on your location anywhere from eight 8:52 ten bucks an hour depending on your location supervisors some some areas dollar more some areas $2.00 more assistant managers some areas forty thousand store managers 50 60 plus dicks reminder 60 70 shift manager sets the kind of a position I'm not quite familiar with so I'm not going to really talk about that one but we're going to do is let's figure out let's get start here we're going to go in for the basic barista rest so are the ones that makes drinks the ones that you see handing you your strawberries and cream Frappuccino your caramel macchiato your pumpkin spice latte that's the guy or the gal and the green apron apron so this is the job description letting you know that you know you're making quality drinks basic qualifications you really don't need to have anything to work the job they don't really acquire much of you you just need to show up basically oh it's very hard to lose your job in Starbucks just simply because it's one of those high tolerable companies like they they will sit they will coach you well if you do mess up they will help you they will not punish you and they are that's one my favorite things about the company so let's see I'm gonna do this Edgewater where are we here we go so you basically are you putting your state your zip code your city and they find openings around you so cool think about the Starbucks application which I love because working applying for other jobs I could be really annoying when you have to apply the same company but every application is a different location that is my biggest pet...